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  • Obtaining a unique SSL certificate is definitely simple. What you need to carry out is fill out the submission form in your own Web Site Control Panel. You don’t need to apply for an account with a third party provider, no reason to wait for weeks for one’s SSL to be ready.

  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Install

  • We’ve for good and all taken away the demand for manually setting up any kind of SSL Certificates for your sites. On the condition that your main domain name is hosted in an account with AjwebHost.com, you can get the new SSL certificate immediately applied and configured to work, without resorting to any regular adjustments on your end.

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  • 24x7 Support

  • Should you have a problem or need assistance while you are implementing your SSL certificate, we are available to aid you. The 24x7 support consists of proficient tech engineers and it’s ready 24–7. And additionally, the common response time is lower than 20 mins.

SSL Prices

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Regular SSL $19.00 $38.00 $57.00
Wildcard SSL $109.00 $218.00 $327.00

SSL Certificates with AjwebHost.com

An SSL certificate places an extremely important security coating for your web sites. If you happen to operate a web store and collect payments, then an SSL Certificate can be a must since it can greatly improve the customer’s faith in your site.

With AjwebHost.com, you can acquire your brand new SSL Certificate straight from your personal web hosting Control Panel. And, in case your domain name is hosted in an account with AjwebHost.com, we will instantly set up the SSL Certificate for you. Zero extra setup or manual configuration will be required.

Other than the typical SSL Certificates, there is also a Wildcard SSL certificate. A Wildcard SSL Certificate can be set up on a plenty of hostnames all at once. This is really helpful to be able to secure quite a few sites together.

SSL Certificates, either standard and wildcard, that you can get at AjwebHost.com, come with a real 1024–bit encryption plus a $10 000 USD guarantee.You can acquire an SSL certificate with all AjwebHost.com’s web hosting services – cloud website hosting, VPS servers, semi-dedicated servers, and dedicated servers.

ID Protection

Shield the freely available data connected with your domain name

When you register a new domain, the WHOIS info associated with it, by default, becomes immediately visible to the public. In the Domain Manager included in your Control Panel, you’ll find a WHOIS protection functionality that can help you hide your private details by substituting them with our contact information.

The WHOIS protection option is available with the majority of the domain extensions offered on our web sute: .com, .info, .biz, .net, .org, .co, .co.za, .me, .tv, .pro, .cc and .we.bs.

ID Protection

Domain Name Redirection

Forward your websites to any other host online

With our domain redirection tool, you can easily point a domain or a sub–domain in your account to any web site at all. Our tool boasts an easy–to–use interface, which will permit you to redirect the (sub)domains of your choice with merely a couple of clicks. In this way, you will not have to cope with elaborate .htaccess file modifications.

To redirect a domain, just indicate a desired destination path and our smart system will perform the rest instead of you and will immediately forward the domain name to the preferred location.

Domain Name Redirection

Effortless WHOIS Management

WHOIS control made straightforward

When registering a domain, you’ll be asked to furnish correct and up–to–the–minute domain registration info, irrespective of whether you’re a person or a firm. This is why, you will need to update your WHOIS records whenever needed. On the other hand, not all domain name extensions support this feature by default, so first check for this option before you initiate a WHOIS update.

Via the Domain Manager in your Control Panel, you will be able to alter the registrant, administrative and technical contact info for one or multiple domains at once. All the changes that you have made will be updated online immediately!

Effortless WHOIS Management

Video Tutorials

Bundled video tutorials

If you encounter any problems while working with our web hosting Control Panel, we offer an easy way of resolving them – our video tutorials. We’ve prepared an impressive selection of tutorial video clips that cover practically everything you can accomplish with AjwebHost.com’s Control Panel – from registering a domain to altering your PHP preferences.

Additionally, we’ve got a comprehensive F.A.Q. database, which contains the questions that our client service team gets asked the most. Moreover, you can always contact our 24/7 tech support team and have one of our highly knowledgeable support engineers look into your problem.

Video Tutorials

Quick Scalability

Step up to a cloud hosting plan now

You will be able to effortlessly upgrade the domain management account that you have with AjwebHost.com to one of our cloud hosting packages. By doing this, you will be able to easily manage both your domains and sites from one location. To unlock all the hosting options in your Control Panel, just go to the Upgrade Plan menu located on the left and pick the plan that you desire to upgrade to.

The moment we activate the chosen package, you’ll get an array of tools, including a drag & drop File Manager, a hotlink prevention tool, a URL redirection tool, an exhaustive traffic statistics tool, a 1–click Web Applications Installer using which you’ll be able to set up personal diaries, community sites, photo albums, etc.

Quick Scalability
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